CryStyle – Owner

Head Hair Stylist – 12+ Years Exp.
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702.338.5228



CryStyle is a hair artist that is very talented from trendy to corporate to alternative.  She also has a keen ability to pick the color and style that best fits your face and life style.  Some of her training includes Paul Mitchell Advanced Color and Cutting, Pravana Color, Swarzkopf Color, Redken Color, Keratin Permanant Retexturizing System and Semi-Permanant Smoothing System.  Product knowledge training also includes Pureology, Enjoy, and Kevin Murphy.

Crystal is a mother of three and married six years to her husband Mike. When she is not at the salon making walking pieces of art she is at home spending time with her twin boys ages 2 and 3 year old princess. Feel free to friend her on facebook or give her a call.


LDS Mom ‎ – Feb 2, 2012
 THIS SALON IS AWESOME!! Crystal made my hair a warm pretty blonde, with no damage. I have very thick hair and she took her time and made my brown locks into blonde WOW locks!! All the stylists are really great and what a beautiful salon, so clean and bright. Thanks to all at Hottie Hair you’re WONDERFUL!!

PrincessMay ‎ – Feb 2, 2012
 She has turned my hair from dark brown/black to a beautiful blonde with minimal damage….she’s a perfectionist and wont let you leave the salon unless it’s up to her standards. Whenever i stray from her, other stylists always disappoint me…now i know better! She’s always been funny, good conversationalist, and knows what she’s doing.

shannon ‎ – Feb 2, 2012
 This salon is awesome! Specifically Crystal! I have followed her since she was at her previous salon! Most recently she did my hair for my engagement pics and they came out amazing!!

imbarbigirl ‎ – Feb 1, 2012
 I LOVE THIS SALON! I had my hair cut by Crystyle on Friday. What a great cut and a fun style!!! Thank you to everyone at Hottie Hair, you’re the best 🙂

justkc10 ‎ – Feb 1, 2012
 First off, I’d like to say I am NOT getting paid to write this review. I have been a dedicated client to Crystal for 5 years now and not once has she ever let me down! I’ve lived in Vegas for 15 years and have seen many, many stylists. Crystal is the only person I’ve been to that has an actual talent for doing hair. There are times I have gone in and wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to get my hair done. But I place complete trust in her abilities that I just tell her to do what she thinks would work and I swear it always ends up looking amazing! I have recommended her to family and friends who come visit from out of town and they don’t get their hair done until they visit Vegas to see her! And Crystal isn’t just a great stylist, she’s also a great person! Thanks, Crystal, for all that you’ve done!!

CaraSchub ‎ – Feb 1, 2012
 <3 This Salon!!! I have been a customer of Crystyle’s for over 4 years and I refuse to go to anyone else. I’ve recommended friends, family members even ex boyfriends and they’ve all loved her work. She is not only professional, she is personable and takes the time to really understand what her clients want. I’ve been with her before she opened hottie hair and I am so happy she has opened a salon. So glad I found her! <3 you Crystyle!!!

Bill ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 I have been a client of Crystal for almost 10 Years and think she is awesome! She is always professional, she is on top of her industry and she is engaging and intelligent to be around. It is very difficult to combat an angry ex staff person on social networks, but know that hundred of very satisfied clients think Crystal and Hottie Hair are the BEST!

Moriah ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 I have been going to Crystyle for over 6 years now following her from salon to salon. She is absolutely hands down the best stylist I’ve ever been to. I always get such great compliments after she has done my hair. She is professional and a good person. Her salon is always clean and she has wonderful staff that works with her. And by the way, a great stylist will get over 40 reviews in a couple of days when she has loyal clients behind her that support her. Just look at the photos of her work….she is an amazing stylist. Fake reviews?? So your telling me a small staff is making up these positive reviews? Please, she has a loyal following and we want to support her when she is being attacked.

Samantha ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 I have had the best experiences at Hottie Salon! I have never loved my hair as much as I did after Crystal cut and colored it!!! It is by far the best salon I have been to in Las Vegas.

Carina ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Best Salon In Vegas! I absolutely love Hottie’s! I have been getting my Hair done by Crystal since 2010 and NEVER had any problems. I always get my highlights/lowlights done by Crystal and it ALWAYS looks amazing. She takes pride in her work and you can tell. She is one of the few who can do highlights right. I was excited when she opened her own salon and you just have to see it to know why. It is a very relaxing and professional salon and I always enjoy getting my hair done here. Try it once, you will LOVE the experience and your hair.

Britt ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 I <3 Hottie Hair! Crystal has been doing my hair for about 3 years now (followed her from other salons). I was so excited for her to open up her own place and I can’t think of ever going anywhere else in Vegas! I’m the type of person that loves to let my stylist have creative freedom with my hair and Crystal always knows exactly what to do and it always looks stunning. I get compliments daily on how one of a kind my color/style is! I’ve recommended countless friends AND strangers to her and they’ve all been more than happy. As for the salon itself, its perfect! Always spotless, fun music playing, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere..nothing NOT to like! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

JSB ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Crystal is a gifted stylist! I’ve never had a haircut I didn’t like and I’ve been seeing her for 5+ years now. Locals and Tourists alike will be happy with the service and quality work from Hottie Hair! I was there when they had 5 women from Kentucky walk in wanting cut/color/style. Crystal and her team worked together and rotated the women from one booth to the next so each stylist did one thing with each client. Very impressive and great teamwork.

Chris ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 I’m another customer of Crystal’ s that is very satisfied. I’ve not written a review for her before, but after seeing the one bitter employee that’s trying to ruin her reputation, I can say Crystal and everyone who works with her now does a great job. She’s been doing my hair for a few years now, and she does a great job every time. She’s always prompt and professional, and very friendly as well. I have literally nothing bad to say, except that it’s sad that Jen can’t grow up and move on.

Amy ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 I love Hottie Hair! I will not go anywhere else in Vegas! Crystal is a true professional and I have been impressed with every cut, color and style that I have gotten from here in the past 5 years!! She has always been very warm and welcoming and would bend over backwards to get me in to get my hair done around MY schedule. I have recommended others to her salon and they have also been very pleased!! Keep up the great work!!

Selena ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Hottie Hair Rocks! I’ve been a client of Crystal’s since her Pig & Pomp days. Her style is unique, fun & modern. She continually goes out of her way to educate her stylists & to stay current with trends. She’s the definition of a truly talented master stylist. I refer Hottie Hair every chance I get, without doubt. I’ve never been disappointed with the outcome & neither is anyone that I send her way.

Tori ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 HOW DIVINE!!! This salon was just what I was looking for. Super fresh and spotless… with this professional, calming soundtrack playing. They have these amazing chairs they put you in, to get your hair shampoo… and I could have curled up with a blanket and slept in it… that’s how comfortable it was! Never felt a salon chair that divine! I almost expected to see “THE” Paul Mitchell himself working there… HA! My stylist was “Crystal”, as she came highly recommend to me from others, and was just a delight! I will definately go back! I give this salon 5 stars of course!

Daisia ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 I love CryStyle and Hottie Hair! CryStyle has been cutting, trimming, and highlighting my hair since 2005 and I have never been disappointed or had a bad experience. Because she ALWAYS cuts my bangs and layers how I like them, I travel 4 hours to Vegas to get my hair done by her!

Lovely LB ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Crystyle is fabulous!! I always admired my coworker’s hair and when I was ready to update my ‘do, I of course asked her where she goes… and she referred me to Crystyle @ Hottie Hair. It was extremely easy to make an appointment and Crystyle is very accomodating… I’ve been able to get an appointment with just 1 or 2 days notice! My first time in the salon was a great experience. From the decor, to Crystyle’s cute fashion sense and makeup style, everything was immaculate. Not to mention they have the BEST shampoo lounger chairs EVER!!! So comfy, I nearly fell asleep in it! Anyway, my hair is extremely difficult to work with… really long, really thick, mixed texture, frizzy, and I had been dying it BLACK for forever. Crystyle was never intimidated by it, which meant a lot to me because other stylists were terrified of putting any color on me. And whatever I asked for (I basically went blonde with red highlights), she was down to do it and excited about it too! The results have been absolutely fabulous and Crystyle is the ONLY stylist/colorist I will allow to throw some foils on me! Please don’t hesitate to call, you won’t regret it. Get Hottie Hair like me!

Deanna ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 I am extremely hard to please and Crystal spent the first 45 minutes going over different options until we came up with something I was happy with. We went for drk brown hair with a blonde streak and blue faded tip! I love it, my friends said it made me lots younger. I dig my new edgy hair. I am a loyal customer now and even converted my husband!

Carly P. ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 This salon is fabulous! The stylists are professional. Crystyle, I love my hair! Thank you so much! You are the only one who knows how to cut my curly hair. Love the color too! I highly recommend Hottie Hair Salon!

Desiree ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 I LOVE this salon. The owner of Hottie Hair has been my stylist since 2000, she is extremely PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE! In fact I followed her to every salon she ever worked at. She is an amazing stylist as well as owner of Hottie Hair Salon! I have never heard any stylist in Hottie Hair salon cussing or witnessed anything unprofessional going on there.Without Jen Jackson, I’m sure Hottie Hair Salon will continue to grow as I have referred many people to Crystal and she is wonderful at coloring, styling and being PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE! They have great prices as well as fast service!

Sami ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 I love love love this salon. CryStyle is wonderful.. CryStyle totally made me have the most amazing experience and turned my drab dull normal hair into hottie hair.. The salon atmosphere is amazing it looks stellar.. my 4 yr old loved it also and she wan’t even getting her hair done.. I recommend them to everyone who wants to look like a hottie and have an relaxing fun time go visit hottie hair .. they make you day and make you hair look amazing you feel like a hottie when you leave that’s for sure!! I love Hottie Hair Salon…

Sara ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 BEST IN THE WEST! I am VERY PICKY when it comes to my Hair and after several trial and errors at other high end salons I found Crystal (the owner of Hottie Hair Salon), she is Super Sweet and Very Talented! I have very fine light blonde hair, medium to long hair with lots of layers and highlites, its a hard cut/style and Good Blonde (no Brassiness) to master in my opion and shes Got It Mastered!!! I am a Very Happy Client :))) Thak You- Sara

Cindy ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 I love this salon…I have been a loyal client to the owner ( Crystyle) for years and I’m amazed at her talent! The pics of her clients demonstrate her amazing abilities! Salon is always clean, and professional. Prices are always reasonable as well. If you’re looking for a new salon, all the girls here do great work.

winnie ‎ – Dec 21, 2010
 I can’t thank Crystyle enough for salvaging my hair. I usually get nervous about getting my hair done because I have problems communicating how I want my hair done. And even if I’ve been to the same person before, I still cringe when they start. And I used to have a habit of cutting my own hair if I can’t get it done when I want it done. But now, I seriously make it a point not to do that because I know Crystyle is worth waiting for the appointment. Whether its cut or color, she makes it look like you’re born looking that way instead of looking like you’ve been in the salon for hours. And I have a difficult hair to manage.

Dawn ‎ – Dec 14, 2010
 I have been going to Crystal for almost 10 years and love her work. She’s done an amazing job at creating the perfect color for me, and I get compliments on it all the time. I don’t trust anyone else with my hair! The atmosphere of her salon is great as well- quiet, relaxing, and personal, unlike most large salons. You won’t be disappointed with Hottie Hair Salon!

MarKis ‎ – Dec 9, 2009
 Awesome style by Crystal! I am very particular about my hair. I am new to Las Vegas and was apprehensive about going to someone new. I found Crystal and am so happy. She is an awesome stylist and a great conversationalist. Overall, an amazing hair experience.

llanierlv ‎ – Oct 2, 2008
 CryStyle is Fantastic! I have been searching for someone that could do the style that I love to wear and its just never worked out. I found CryStyle on the web and will never go to anyone else. She has changed my life!

Jenna ‎ – Nov 30, 2007
 The best stylist in town…. If you love your hair there is no need to go anywhere else but to Crystal. My hair has look gorgeous and perfect every time I leave her chair. The salon is light and friendly and fun. Thank you Crystal.

Jaime ‎ – Nov 28, 2007
 Awsome The salon was great! I was taken on time. Crystal made my hair awsome again. She was great with asking me questions and giving any advice I had. I’ll definately be going back!

Kelly ‎ – Nov 28, 2007
 Crystal is an awesome Stylist I have hard to control, curly hair and Crystal is the only person that I trust to cut it. She does a great job every time and really cares that her clients are satisfied with the results.

Mike ‎ – Nov 27, 2007
 A very nice las vegas hair salon and stylist! One of las vegas’s finer hair salon stylists and salon. It’s got a very classy yet edgy hip feel to it and crystal did such a wonderful job on my hair! I must say I left the salon really pleased and excited to hit the las vegas area one more time. I highly recomend crystal and her salon if you are in las vegas area. Thanks!

Sarah ‎ – Nov 27, 2007
 I finally found MY hair salon and stylist!! The style and cut I had today from Crystal was so great I had to write about it. My day started pretty bad so I was excited to have my hair done. I had my first appointment today with Crystal and what a great experience. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcome. Crystal spent a long time with me going over what kind of cut and color I wanted. We had a great time chatting while she worked and I was SO pleased with my cut and color that I already made my next appointment. When people ask who did my hair (and I know they will; it looks great) I won’t hesitate to recommend Crystal!

blessing ‎ – Feb 4, 2012
 I’ve gone to Crystal for years. Always walked out VERY happy with my cut n color. Listens to what you want and does EXACTLY that. The salon is ran professionally and is very clean. And also had the most comfortable head rests while getting your hair washed. The entire salon has a very comfortable atmosphere!!

Sarah ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 Crystal has been doing my hair for a few years now and she has never disappointed. Her salon is comfortable, beautiful and clean. The salon is staffed with extremely competent stylists, who have fair prices and good attitudes. Crystal put extensions in my hair about a month ago and they are gorgeous, she saw to it that i knew exactly how to care for them before i left the salon. As for Crystal herself, she is an artist and a professional through and through. I refer all of my friends to her and they all continue to use her services. She did my best friends hair for her on her wedding day. And she looked stunning. I would not have another person touch my hair, ever! Its pathetic that a disgruntled former employee is trying to ruin this salons good name. Shame on you.

cassi ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 I don’t get my hair done very often for the fear of the stylist screwing it up. When it came time for my wedding I didn’t have much of a choice I needed to have someone do something with my hair. My best friend had been seeing crystal for a while and suggested I go to her. Still nervous I took my best friends suggestion. My hair for my wedding looked amazing (could have ruined my wedding day if it didn’t). Its only been a year and a half since my wedding day but I have been going to crystal ever since. Being that I use to go to a cheap place like super cuts to get my hair trimmed going to crystal cost a bit more, but its well worth it. On top of doing a great job on my hair I love Hotties hair salons hair washing sinks, so comfortable (other places the sink hurts my neck). =) Thank u crystal for helping me look my best on one of the most important days of my life =)

Heather Hunter ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 In response to this Becky…. Many people that recieve hair services also use this Google rating for references,networking, etc. I was shocked that someone would even insinuate there are fake postings placed in regards to &quot;Hottie Hair&quot;. I have been in the fashion industry and I am a makeup artist… My first visit with Crystal was phenomenal! Not only is my hair in the best condition it has ever been, but hands down the most stylish and best color I have ever rocked! I have had countless compliments on my hair since I have been a client and I work with a very high end clientele. There is no truth in your banter, most sensible people who have had a bad experience usually deal with situations much more professionally. Anyone who walks into the salon can easily tell that it is filled with very talented stylists that take their profession seriously. My advice to anyone who would like to make a change and try a new stylist and/or salon… You will in fact have an opportunity to deal with a stylish, educated, and friendly staff that will give you an amazing look! There is nothing fake about this rating I am a very satisfied customer who can detect drama and gratuitous comments that really have no weight in contrast to the superior reputation and service this salon delivers!!! Heather Hunter – look it up! I am not a fake person or name 😉

Nadia ‎ – Jan 31, 2012
 Crystal is the best stylist ever! I would definitely recommend to anyone. Very personable and sweet.

Mtggirl21 ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 LOVE HOTTIE HAIR! I have lived in Las Vegas for 14 years, and been to many stylists. Crystal tops all of them, she is so amazing!!! I get so many compliments on my color every time I go out. She duplicates exactly what I want and delivers. I trust her completely!!! If you are looking for amazing color and stylish cuts this is the place for you.

May ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 THIS place is incredrible and Crystal listens to what you want and makes your style that and even More!!!….This salon can update u into a new style that will Rock your world! I would recommend them to anyone at any age!!!

Jen & Juice ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Love love love this salon & amp; I have followed the owner Crystal for years she is very stylish &amp; has a fashionable flair this is a hot spot for style very highly recommended!!!

Stephanie ‎ – Jan 30, 2012
 Love love love Hottie Hair!! As a busy professional I can always count on Crystal to schedule an appointment that fits into my day. I have seen the great work Crystal does with hair for over ten years now. She truly loves making her clients look and feel their best! The salon is filled with positive energy and warmth which adds to the overall great service!

Leigh ‎ – Jan 29, 2012
 I have been coming to Crystle for almost two years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else in Vegas to touch my hair. The staff has always been polite, the atmosphere is very inviting and everytime I have my hair done, I receive compliments on a daily basis. I hand out Crystle’s cards before a week is over. I highly recommend her and the professional stylists at her salon to everyone who asks me. Very reasonable pricing, great people and Crystle has always been there to help me in emergency situations. Luv Luv, Luv this salon!!!!!!!

Lisa ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 Crystal has been my hair stylist since I was 16 years old that was 7 years ago. And she has been amazing every time. I’m always getting complimented on my hair and asked who does it because her work is incredible! She is the owner of the store and takes pride not only in her work but all those she hires. The first thing I was told when I went was ” I’m the kind of stylist that won’t let you walk away if I think my work isn’t perfect” and that has stood true ever since. Highly recommend the salon:)!

KE1784 ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 I looovvee this place! I’ve been going to Crystal for 9 years and never had a bad experience. My hair is always the way I want and I don’t trust anybody else to do it. Hottie Hair is a very professional salon compared to most salons especially now that they got rid of a stylist who was extremely trashy with a potty mouth for days. I will forever be a Hottie Hair client! Go get your hair did!!!

Never calling u again ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 i love being at Hottie Hair and love walking out with a suberb styler. i used to see anothe stylist for years and never quite got the attention or care my hair deserves. I have short blonde hair and i am horribly picky about the cut and color. Crystal always knows exactly what to do and with little or no direction. in fact sometimes she tells me what looks good, which is a nice change. I am always complimented on Crystal’s work and i love the way it makes me feel. Hottie Hair’s rates are reasonable and the location is great. I can always get a yummy Gyro while Crystal works her majic.. Thanks girl for all you do and giving me beautiful hair!!!

Trina ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 If your looking for a fabulous hair cut and amazing service go to hottie hair salon I have been going to crystal for many years and she has always made me feel and look amazing especially on my wedding day the shop is clean and professional and the other stylist are amazing as well see you guys soon…

Brandy ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 Best salon in Vegas. You have to go get your hair done here!!! I promise you will love it go see crystal she is beautiful and amazing

erica petrozzino ‎ – Jan 28, 2012
 Hottie Hair Salon is amazing. Crystal (owner) is my stylist and no one can work a pair of scissors like her. Beautiful salon super talented hairdressers.

Vanessa ‎ – Oct 20, 2011
 I was in Vegas for a training and wanted my hair done, I came across Hottie Hair Salon online. At first I was scared to get my hair done being that Ive never been to this salon. I told Crystal what I wanted and she did a FANTASTIC JOB!! I put all my trust in her and my hair turned out EXACTLY how I imagined! Crystal and her co-worker were very kind and friendly. This is the first time Ive walked out of a salon feeling great! So stop by Hottie Hair Salon and get your hair done. Again THANKS CRYSTAL, see you in Dec.!

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